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Name: Jennifer Thomas vs Carmin: Sinews & Struggles
Studio: Jennifer Thomas Studios
Price: $ 11.00
Length (hh:mm:ss): 10:20
Size (MB): 227
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Jennifer Thomas has long been accustomed to being the 'hard body' of the Southern Belles, but now she's facing off with an opponent who's every bit as powerful as she is. Carmin is a fitness competitor and amateur wrestler who has specifically joined the Belles in order to prove herself superior to Jennifer! Right from the very start this is a highly physical contest between the two muscular mavens. Jennifer has the edge in grappling experience... not to mention she's more adept at using non-amateur sanctioned tactics like painfully bending her opponent's arm around the ring rope! But Carmin displays astonishing resilience, bouncing back time and again, shrugging off the pain and exhaustion. And when she locks her legs around Jennifer, it's quite possible the blonde has never been crushed so mightily before!After a grueling match, one beauty snares a headscissor choke on her opponent, pouring every last iota of her remaining power into her legs in a determined effort to make her rival tap...and struggling against being knocked out, the embattled battler must do just that! The match over, the pair are both sweat-soaked and panting hard for breath, driven to their limits of exhaustion. Add this match to your collection now!
Status: Available
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