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Title: Case In Point (Part 1) ($ 5.00)

Leg Modelling with Catherine C.

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Title: Long distant runner carries Her friend ($ 4.00)

Long distant runner with sexy legs and calf's of steel

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Title: Ms. Loo: Lady of the Dragon ($ 10.00)

Ms. Loo: Lady of the Dragon

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Title: Women's Muscle Magazine (Marika) ($ 10.00)

Home of the 'Flex A Pose'.

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Title: Sexy Leg Flex ($ 5.00)

"This Polish beauty has a sparkling personality and infectious charisma. She's amused by the notion that guys like to Watch Her flex Her sexy legs. Her flirtatious charm is instantly apparent and you'll find Her to be one of the m...

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Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store!

Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store. This site is an adult entertainment Video purchasing website dedicated to various genres such as Tall Fitness Models, Female Wrestling, Muscular Models, Lift and Carry and Amazon Supermodels.

You can discover new Video clips by using either the Category navigation menu on the right, or by searching for a specific title or keyword using the Search bar on the top. if you already know the name of the Studio, you can also click on the studio name in the right navigation to go straight to that Studio. 



Title: Laura v. Aziza ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 35:52 Size (MB): 586
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1070x720

Laura vs. Aziza, The chess game; black versus white highlighted with hot wrestling action! These two females dominatrixes compete against each other; arm wrestling, Indian leg wrestling and flat out erotic women's wrestling with a...

Title: Thong Lashing ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 5332 Size (MB): 972
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1070x720

Lady MuscleBuilderz. Wrestling. Lift N Carry.

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Title: Her Eminemce ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 29:44 Size (MB): 531
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1066x720

It's back into trouble when Pamela follows buff brunette bodybuilder Jeannie home and gets caught. Jeannie plays rough and knocks poor Pamela all over the apartment before she lets her measure and worships her calves, thighs, and ...

Title: Lauren & Pamela: Muscle Beach ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 10:34 Size (MB): 264
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1066x720

We travel to Muscle Beach for the Annual Invitational where Lauren is guest posing. Pamela is there as Lauren's assistant, helping her with her costume, oiling her up, spraying her with glitter, and when she's not serving Lauren s...

Title: Dayana & Pamela ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 15:04 Size (MB): 264
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1066x720

Romance of Redemption: Poor Pamela just can't seem to stay out of trouble. The pretty blonde muscle admirer runs up against massive black muscle goddess Dayana and almost gets loved to. Dayana's no meanie. She only wants to play, ...

Title: Lola 2 ($ 12.00)

Length (min): 12:16 Size (MB): 190
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1440x1080

Lola is a trained athlete with sex appeal. We start her video with her flexing from a low angle so you can see her gorgeous calf muscles as they are flexed. She bends down and oils up her legs for a long time. She then lays down o...

Title: Lucha Libre ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 37:53 Size (MB): 643
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1080x720

Female muscle domination and mixed wrestling with attractive muscular female bodybuilder versus El Macho, a masked wrestler. She dominates and humiliates him in wrestling action.

Title: Treasure & Pamela ($ 20.00)

Length (min): One Hour Size (MB): 699
Format: MP4 Resolution: 720x478

TREASURE really is a treasure, as in pirate treasure, as in BOOTIE! In addition to the powerful arms, strong legs, and rock hard abs that one would expect from a bodybuilder, Treasure, a beautiful African American sweetie, also ha...

Title: Muscular Dancer ($ 11.00)

Length (min): 11:11 Size (MB): 52.7
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

Tina is a very fit and beautiful dancer. She shows Us how fit she is by dancing and flexing.

Title: Gymnasts Flexing ($ 8.00)

Length (min): 8:25 Size (MB): 237
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1890x1080

We filmed 3 professional cheerleaders and told them to simply flex for the camera. All the girls did a great job showing off especially one.

Title: Sheila & Pamela ($ 20.00)

Length (min): One Hour Size (MB): 645
Format: MP4 Resolution: 706x478

Poor Pamela can't help herself. She loves muscular women so much she can't stop looking at them in the gym. When she spots Sheila working out with heavy weights her eyes nearly pop out of her head. Too bad for Pam, she's caught lo...

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