Scissor Salad

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These G-string muscular beatuties pump each other up, and then watch these busty ladies flex all their muscles.


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The shorter girl, Katia, shows off her great glutes and the shape of her calves while Inga oils her big 24"+ quads and 17" calves with size 11 feet. Inga carries Katia on her huge back as both girls flex their muscles of steel. The strong ladies begin to wrestle as they torture each other with head squeezes. Inga enjoys spreading Katia's leg apart for further torture.

Katia's pecs strain with muscular development. Inga body scissors Katia as powerful Inga lifts the little power house up in the air. To demonstrate her strength, big 45" chest girl Inga continues to lift Katia on her shoulder and body scissors her with her giant quads as poor little Katia groans with pain. Katia lifts "Ms. Hercules" off the floowr to prove that she has strength and muscles too.

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