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Hugely muscular non-Caucasian female bodybuilders. Working out,


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This video’s come under a little bit of criticism, due to the fact that the ethnic background of each of the women may not indeed be Polynesian. Quite frankly, although the criticism may be warranted, it doesn’t detract from this being a great video for the fan of the non-Caucasian FBB’s (most of which are of Oriental descent).

The video starts out with the massive Paula Suzuki. You know that any video where I say she’s only second-best has got to be something (ah, but who’s better? read on). Paula just looks incredibly thick and wide here. She wears a leotard in the gym, starting out with lat pulldowns, showing oodles of back muscles. Then she does wide grip chin-ups from the rear, the patented Builtmore slo-mo (love it or hate it) employed here. Then from the front, I got a kick out of seeing the medial head of the tricep - very impressive. Unlike the WPW tape gym segments, there was no posing after each exercise, and there was dubbed music (you couldn’t hear Paula grunt, for example). Then Paula did seated machine rows. Mind you, this was not a heavy workout, she just did some stretches and prances around the gym looking REAL thick here.

Then comes the arms... Dumbbell bicep curls, some close-ups, and Paula shows great triceps too. Then barbell curls, she has incredibly thick shoulders, too. Finally she poses her arms for an extended period of time (I ain’t complaining and it IS worth the wait). Then she does seated concentration curls, first her right arm, then her left. Builtmore employed an interesting from-the- floor angle perspective while filming her here. Then more two-arm seated curls. With workouts like these, you can see why her legs are smaller proportionately. Then (a favorite of some guys), Paula fixes her hair for an extended period of time, showing incredibly chunky biceps. Then comes one-arm preacher curls, left, then right - juicy biceps, indeed.

Then Paula does standing cable curls for her biceps, I’m not sure what the official term for this exercise is, but it’s good for posing (the front double bicep shot). Then one-arm cable curls, then she does the standing cable curls for her biceps pose from the rear. If you’ve ‘almost’ overdosed on her biceps, she then does some bench presses, but they were curiously light (for her). Watching her put on her wrist wraps was the most interesting part of this exercise. Then she did lat posing, and some hack squats, also with a light weight. But in this segment, we notice her inner thigh muscles are quite cute. Finally, Paula does posing outside the gym, on a motorcycle. I found this segment to be a bit uninspired (unlike the previous segment), it was too dark; the lighting wasn’t right.

The second woman is Vernice Cooper, a black FBB whom I hadn’t heard of before. Although I found this to be the low segment in the tape, that doesn’t mean it was bad. Wearing a small bikini, Vernice did lots of standing shots, and although she notoriously really didn’t pose them, I liked her abs, especially when shot in the upward direction (from that low Builtmore perspective). The best segment of Vernice possibly was with her in a two-piece white workout gear; it was quite cute, and the contrast of her dark skin against the light outfit was intense. As in many other segments with Builtmore, some of the same footage was repeated over and over, but a bit differently (different lighting, etc.), basically extending the segment to seem like more unique footage was taken of it than there actually was.

Okay, the BEST segment was none other than the incomparable (and incomparably and unfairly cute and sexy) Becky Rampey. She started out in a robe, where you only see her thick calves. I personally would’ve liked to see this robe segment for an extended period of time - as I find the allure of clothing with tons of muscle underneath to be an avenue few videographers explore completely. But underneath was a sight to behold. She wore a two-piece bikini, and a silly crown of flowers (but she’s so cute she can get away with anything!). She rubbed oil on herself after she disrobed (again the disrobing was painfully quick - there could be a whole tape devoted to Becky disrobing and unveiling the uncut gems (and cut gems) of her muscular body underneath - ya thinks I like this gal? Sheesh!). In off-season shape, she showed incredible thickness - you can’t accuse this girl of being small. Some segments, in Builtmore tradition, were repeated over and over again. They paid special attention to her left bicep. But I paid special attention to her thick abs.

On the beach, she wore her robe around the waist and there were those interesting upward pics of Becky (from that low perspective again). There were some abs posing, and Becky has an incredibly thick muscular chest in the off-season. Plenty of walking and standing poses galore. Definitely one of the most dreamy women I’d ever seen. If Builtmore did 20 more different videos starring Becky Rampey, I’d buy all 20 of them! Can my praise be any higher? :-)

The next segment was painfully short, because the subject (an unknown to me) was painfully cute. Her name was Delia Cabalo, and she was a very gorgeous sexy not thickly (but definitely enough) muscled Oriental FBB. She did some gym posing in a black and red striped halter top and black shorts. I don’t think this girl knows how good she looks. Luckily Builtmore does…

The final segment was a bit of a surprise to me. In a couple pics in WPW magazine, I’d seen someone named Carol Mooney, and I was impressed with her Oriental good looks and upper body thickness. When I heard she was also on this tape, I highly anticipated this segment. Carol wore a black halter top and black and blue striped shorts. Strangely enough her upper body, especially her chest and torso, wasn’t thick at all in this footage. But her calves and thighs, while not really big, were very sexy the way they were posed (making a leg lover out of me after all :-) ). I didn’t find her bicep poses all that great here, but her right tricep (thick) and leg poses surely kept my attention fully. In addition to her great thighs (not big, just really cute), she did some crab poses (a favorite of mine) and had incredible hip adductor muscles that Builtmore effectively captured on film. For a posing video, I found this one plenty interesting.

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