Mile High Mikayla

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Worship, spanking, trampling, lift & carry, measuring, nudity ... a little of everything as MIKAYLA, a 6'3" blonde fitness trainer from Colorado with a beautiful, toned, golden-tan body, comes to LA and gets mean.


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Worship ... Spanking ... Trampling ... Lift & Carry ... Measuring ... Nudity ...

A little of everything as MIKAYLA, a 6'3"" blonde fitness trainer from Colorado with a beautiful, toned, golden-tan body, comes to LA and gets mean.

In the first section we get up close and personal with Mikayla's size 14 (wide), foot-long feet, viewing them form all angles as she arches then, flexes her toes and shows off her soles.

Next comes wrestling. Josh, a friend from Mikayla's youth, thinks he can still pin her like he used to, but Mikayla's grown since then. After defeating Josh she lifts and carries Builtmore's regular lifting consultant Jeff in a variety of powerful holds and hoists.

Taking a break from her exertions, Mikayla goes for a burger and is spied on by a creepy peeping tom. He follows her home and watches her undress, but when she catches him, boy is he in for a surprise. She makes him kiss her feet as penance and when he's an utter failure at that she spanks him until he gets it right. In gratitude he worships her feet, legs and back.

Between sessions Mikayla has a friend measure her, showing off her huge hands, feet and incredible 6' plus wing-span! Amazing!

Her next client is late, so to teach him some manners she walks all over him, literally. First she walks, stomps and jumps up and down on his back, then, when she gets bored of that, she does it all over on his stomach, all 175 pounds of her! Good thing she was merciful and left her heels off!

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