Killer Bodies

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Joy, an attractive blonde belly dancer, does rib circle dance moves and chest circle dance moves to show her muscular abdominal development in shorts.



Muscular Valerie has bulging fifteen inch calves and is very vascular at 140 lb. She is a runner and natural bodybuilder. Her big quads measure 23". Lassie at 5'9" and 125 lb talks about her muscular legs and calves and veins as she walks, flexes, and climbs stairs. Celeste and Anh are young muscle girls who flex in bikinis and bra and panties. Big legged Celeste weighs 130 lb. Anh is 5'2" and has great biceps. Erica's big quads buldge as she walks. Her calves are huge. She flexes her leg and arm muscles.

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