Janine and Janina

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Janine (brunette) and Janina (blonde) are muscular beauties. Shot in a private setting. They gossip and talk about their training. They are sitting down in a dining room dressed in bikinis.




They reveal their names, height, weight and other things about themselves. They flex and pose playfully. They move outside where they pose for the video and still photographers. Each show off their curvy bodies.

This DVD includes: flexing arms, nice glut shots, nice legs, biceps, back shots, pantyhose, high heels, working out with dumbbells, erotic posing, chinup shots in a pool area, bouncing biceps, popping biceps, rubbing and massaging shoulders, arms, and legs, hitting compulsory body building poses, putting lotion on each others glutes, moon shots, close up glute shots, arm wrestling shots, posing on staircase while flexing their legs and whole bodies on th ehand rail, massaging shoulders, and lifting each other.

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