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A unique and unusual muscle domination work.


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This is high-end experimental stuff
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Muscular Mistress Cardio and Intern 'Spleen' took me to The Edge and back
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"Discipline for a Confused Age"
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For almost a decade now, Builtmore Productions has productions has produced some of the most unique and entertaining female muscle videos. They have pioneered the theme of amazon supermodels, which focus primarily on muscular beauties over six feet tall. This series has also led to the creation of other series, such as the Maxine Legroom group of videos, which as you can probably guess, show off the incredible muscular leg development of the world's most sensual women. In the ever-expanding market of muscle fetishes, they have adapted their style to include numerous other themes of interest, including lift and carry (my personal fave!), armwrestling, mixed wrestling, muscle worship, and more.

Now, Builtmore has taken the muscle video business one step further with a highly experimental work, entitled Dungeoness. This sixty minute video is unlike anything ever produced by Builtmore. It features the tall and sexy Rose Adkins, a blonde haired goddess previously featured in Gravity Girl (an all lift and carry video.) What makes it unique you ask? Well, for one, the main theme that runs throughout the video is domination! That's right, Rose portrays a female dominatrix, a Mistress if you will. Now, while this industry is hardly unique, the idea of incorporating female muscle into the story definitely adds a whole new realm of possibilities to femuscle worship.

Dungeoness is totally different from any other Builtmore video you may have seen. This tape is a must for anyone who is interested in female bodybuilding combined with highly overt sexual overtones, such as is portrayed in this video. It features only two characters: Rose and a male, who is significantly shorter and less muscular than she is. A fair warning to fans of Rose's previous work with Builtmore. You will not be seeing her as you expect her to be. Rose is decked out in full dominatrix costume, complete with tight fitting black leather, heeled boots, and even a whip and paddle! Rose's 5'10" 160 pound muscular frame is definitely exposed brilliantly in her new found attire.

This blonde beauty is obviously not familiar with the idea of domination, because throughout the tape you can plainly see that she is looking at cue cards off stage to see what to say next. Also, her personality is so sweet and mild mannered that she can't help but smile during many of her less than characteristic lines. The gentleman (for lack of a better term) on the other hand pulls off his role very well. Of course, the majority of what he does is lick and kiss the muscular model's body! A job that many of you wouldn't necessarily mind, I'm sure.

Authenticity is added to this video feature, because it is shot in an actual dominatrix's "dungeon." Builtmore pays special thanks to the Mistress who offered her assistance to the filming of this project. The tape begins with the male down on his hands and knees begging to worship Rose's legs. Her highly defined quads, calves, and hamstrings burst through her tight leather outfit. The camera work is so close and detailed at times that you can actually see the little blonde hairs on her legs! The guy licks and kisses her legs, not missing a single inch of her muscular gams. She just stands there, conversing with him. Rose asks him why he enjoys touching and feeling her muscular legs. He just can't help but tell her how much he admires and worships her. Of course, he doesn't say much because he's busy making "contact" with her body.

He then proceeds to lick and kiss her arms. It is here that I am really intrigued by Rose's physique. She has very impressive biceps, with nice peaks on them. She knows how to flex them so that they "bounce" up and down. It is quite erotic watching the slave boy lick and kiss her muscular arms. This is a great scene for those of you into muscle size comparisons. You get a great perspective on how big her arms are, by looking at his hands as they wrap around her massive biceps. Rose's tanned physique is beginning to perspire, and she orders the slave to lick the sweat off! I must confess, I could have done without this segment, as it goes on for too long. I myself am not really into watching a human lick another human's sweat, but, hey, each to his own!

Later on, Rose decides that the slave boy has been having too much fun and must be punished. It is now time for the dominatrix to take her rightful position of authority and dish out some much deserved pain! She throws the guy over her knees, and begins to whip his butt using her hands. He doesn't seem to feel enough pain, so she picks up a soft paddle and starts hitting him again. This time he feels it and screams out in pain. Then she switches to a hard wooden paddle. You guess it: the pain becomes unbearable for him! Imagine a rock hard female bodybuilder whipping your butt into shape, while you are draped across her muscular legs!

They then proceed to a choke hold segment, in which Rose sits on top of the male slave and raps some rope around his scrawny little neck. Then she begins to squeeze, her biceps rippling under the tension of her exertion! He begins to fade, but seems to enjoy being strangled by this muscular amazon. Rose chokes harder and harder, while commenting that she is afraid she will knock him out cold and have to carry his body to a dump to dispose of it! We'd be only too lucky to see that! Hey, I know it sounds pretty sadistic, but if you're going to make a video like this, you may as well go all out!

Anyway, upon conclusion of some more torturous activities, Rose flexes and poses for the cameras, showing off the physique which made her famous (at least to femuscle fans.) The tape concludes with exclusive footage of the dungeon in which the video was shot. There are some pretty interesting things to look at, especially for the uninitiated who probably have no clue as to the inner workings of this unusual industry. Dungeoness represents a ground-breaking idea in the world of female muscle. While it could stand a lot of improvement, such as more action, and story development, it was a strong first effort from Builtmore. If you're looking for fast paced action, or just pure muscle posing, this tape will not satisfy your cravings, as very little of it actually involves posing. However, for those who would like to experience a whole new atmosphere in muscle video production, this tape is a great choice to add to your library.

-- Davemeister

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