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Builtmore Productions is seeking talents interested in participating in the creation of our videos and photo galleries.

Interested parties please send contact information and a current photo to:

BuiltMore Productions
Post Office Box One
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0001

Telephone:   (310) 458-6360
FAX:     (310) 943-1617
Email: nercy@nercy.com

Builtmore Productions is an equal-opportunity employer. California and Federal law will be adhered to in all productions. Proof of age will be required for all roles.


Complimentary Memberships:

We offer complimentary memberships to models who qualify for this website and to individuals who refer such models to us. No geographic restrictions. The complimentary memberships are offered in addition to modeling and photography fees. Send one sample picture to nercy@nercy.com along with the model's height and weight information. The picture will not be posted on our site; it is for reference and evaluation by the editors.

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 Model Search
We are currently seeking models and actresses for photos and videos in the categories listed below.

Amazon Supermodels
We seek tall, very tall, strong, and/or long-legged women. No upper height limit.

Women with Combat Sports
We seek women active in wrestling, boxing, martial arts, ultimate fighting, and other sports.

Bodybuilding Women
We are interested in female bodybuilders, both amateur and professional.

Fitness Models
Fitness models wanted for fitness, workout and posing videos and shoots.

Parts Models
Women with any one or more of the following physical attributes wanted for special casting:

  • Muscular limbs (arms / legs) or terrain (glutes, abs, shoulders and back)
  • Large hands (vascular, pronounced knuckles)
  • Large feet (vascular, long toes)
  • Broad shoulders / small breasts
  • Women displaying any degree of body hair

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