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Help Wanted

Builtmore Productions is seeking talents interested in participating in the creation of our videos and photo galleries.

Interested parties please send a current photo and contact information to:

BuiltMore Productions
PO Box One
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0001

Telephone:   (310) 458-6360
FAX:     (310) 943-1617
Email: nercy@nercy.com


 Model Search
We are seeking models and actresses for various types of videos and photos. For details view our Model Search page.

 Actors Alley
Male actors sought for co-starring roles in videos.

Photographers with experience in shooting videos and still shots of events as well as portrait modeling shots, please contact us with your portfolio.

We are looking for all types of music to accompany our videos, from techno, dance and hip-hop, rap and rock, to classical and baroque.

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