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The following contact links and information are available for members. Please include your username in all correspondence regarding membership or billing so that we can correctly identify your account. If you have multiple accounts/usernames please indicate this as well.

How to Join
Use our secure online signup forms. We accept credit cards and checks online. It is also possible to signup online with our Web900 service and have the charges made to your phone bill.

How to Redeem a Pin Code
If you have signed up using the Web900 service, click to Redeem Your Pin Code.

How to Cancel Membership
To cancel you can either:
    (a) Use our online Cancellation Form
    or (b) Send an email request to cancel@builtmore.com. Please include the username of the account to be cancelled.

Your account will be immediately removed from the rebill list and allowed to lapse, i.e. you will continue to have access until the end of the period for which you have already paid.

How to Reactivate an Account
If your account has expired, it may be possible in some circumstances to reactivate and retain your old username. Send an email to senoralangosta@yahoo.com.

How to Update Your Billing Information
Memberships are automatically renewed each month. But if a charge is repeatedly declined and we are unable to renew or to contact the member, the account will be cancelled. In some cases this is because the billing information becomes out-of-date. If your billing information has changed please notify us by sending an email to senoralangosta@yahoo.com so we can update our records.

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