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Video Downloads: Benedicteen - vol. 1
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Benedicteen - vol. 1

Builtmore's tradition of excellence in the lift and carry genre continues with their latest release, Benedicteen. Composed entirely of footage from Pete Bliss's archives, this sixty minute lifting extravaganza boasts some of the most beautiful and charismatic girls this side of the Mississippi River. The girls are all between 18 and 21 years of age, which makes this a teen muscle lover's dream come true.

Title: Benedicteen - vol. 1
Running time: 60 minutes
Price: $ 20.00
Category: Benedicteen Series

File size: 233 MB

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Benedicteen - vol. 1:

Builtmore's tradition of excellence in the lift and carry genre continues with their latest release, Benedicteen. Composed entirely of footage from Pete Bliss's archives, this sixty minute lifting extravaganza boasts some of the most beautiful and charismatic girls this side of the Mississippi River. The girls are all between 18 and 21 years of age, which makes this a teen muscle lover's dream come true. From the sexy 98 pound dynamo, Nicole, to the fun-loving 18 year old blonde bombshell Kandice-Rae, variety is the glue which holds this video together. One thing you will notice about all the women included here, is their unusual strength. It's not often that one can find 100 pound girls lifting 200 pound men with the utmost of ease. Of course, Benedicteen's recipe for success lies in this very scenario. None of the girls are bodybuilders, but are athletic, tanned and toned beauties with more than their fair share of strength.

The tape begins with the star lifter, the 98 pound college cheerleader and dancer, Nicole. Without a doubt, Nicole possesses the most killer combination of beauty and strength you'll find in a young dancer. Her impressive physique is shapely, toned, and tanned from head to toe. Her long, flowing brown hair and sparkling eyes will light up your television screen, much like her radiant smile will warm your heart. Ah, but don't be deceived! Nicole may look harmless enough, but her strength is absolutely out of this world. She lifts the two hundred pound Pete Bliss as if he were nothing more than a small child. Lying down on the floor, she grabs hold of his hands and with her legs, presses him up in the air in what has come to be known as the "Bliss Press." With gleeful delight, she counts each rep as Pete is lifted ten times in a row, without her even breaking a sweat! But wait, she does it again, this time using only one of her small but powerful legs to press him. Another five reps come and go, and by this point, you'll have nothing but respect and admiration for her lifting abilities.

Don't think it ends there though. Nicole demonstrates that she can pick a guy up in more ways than one. Pete (who incidentally is almost a foot taller than her, and a hundred pounds heavier!) jumps onto her back for one of the most thrilling piggyback rides you'll ever witness. Nicole carries him around the room, jostling him back and forth for almost an entire minute. During this whole lift, Pete can't stop talking about how muscular her legs are and how strong she is. He constantly asks her if this is hard for her, and she joyously responds that it's easier than she thought! You haven't seen anything though until you've seen Nicole squat down between his legs and lift him onto her shoulders! That's right, she carries a guy that's double her weight on her shoulders and then proceeds to do squats with him! This series of lifts will leave even the most discriminating of fans with a sense of satisfaction and amazement at the power which lies within the heart (and legs!) of this sensational girl!

While Nicole represents the epitome of sexuality and strength, the next fabulous model featured on Benedicteen represents the epitome of charisma and enthusiasm. Dee Dee is without a doubt the most pleasant sounding and personable gal I've ever seen featured in a lift and carry video. Her charm is nothing short of awesome. While she's not as visually pleasing as Nicole, she does possess a certain beauty, which is complimented by her tall, lean frame and vibrant personality. Dee Dee sports some shapely calves and slender hips, although her upper body is not all that impressive. However, when it comes to lifting, Dee Dee in no way suffers from a shortage of strength! She presses Pete with the facility of a bodybuilder, laughing and joking throughout each of her impressive lifts.

Fans of "domination talk" or the like will find Dee Dee's gift of gab uniquely refreshing. She jokes about how easy it is for her to lift Pete, and about how powerful her muscles are. It's made all the more impressive because she talks this way both while he's grounded and while he's hoisted across her shoulders! At one point, she prepares to do donkey calf raises with Pete on her back. He jumps onto her back, at which point she asks "are you on yet?" This will give you some indication as to how strong she really is. For him to be on her and not to even notice it proves that not only is she a pretty face, she's a bundle of energy and raw feminine power!

Teen muscle fans rejoice, because the next segment will leave you in a state of "sheer bliss," (pun intended!) Sheryl and Kandice-Rae are 18 year old girls with an affinity for showing both their muscles and their strength. Sheryl is an African American girl standing 5'11" tall and weighing in at a very hard and muscular 160 pounds! Her cheerleading partner Kandice-Rae stands about 5'7" and weighs in at a shapely 130 pounds. It's also important to note that Kandice bears an uncanny resemblence to Alicia Silverstone. It has been a long time coming to see two beautiful athletic teen girls showing off their strength by lifting a much larger male. Both girls succeed in demonstrating that teen girls don't have to be weak and frail; they can be just as strong as they are beautiful!

Sheryl and Kandice begin by flexing their biceps and calves for the camera. Each of them giggles while they show off their hard earned muscle to a very appreciative camera man. Then they each take turns lifting Pete in what amounts to a most entertaining segment complete with cheerleading (yes, each time one of the gals would pick him up, the other could be heard off-stage shouting "you go girl!" etc. etc. etc.) The Bliss Press was accomplished easily by both girls, as they lifted him numerous times, even doing some one legged lifts. Another popular lift which both girls had no trouble in doing was the ever-erotic piggyback ride. There's something about seeing a beautiful muscular girl carrying a guy across her back that just drives me wild! Pick up the video, and I'm sure you'll agree that Kandice and Sheryl have a knack for turning guys on, both with their dialogue and their awe-inspiring actions. You'll quickly see that Sheryl is the more powerful of the two girls, but that doesn't stop Kandice from grabbing Pete around his waist and hoisting him into the air in one of the best looking bear-hugs I've viewed in some time. Sheryl of course, does it even better, but the important thing here is that both girls succeed in showing just how strong they really are.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Mary is contrary to the typical sterotypical view of women being the weaker sex. This is proven by her boisterous dialogue and mannerisms during her interview segment. She talks about how powerful her muscles are. In fact she flexes her arms and says "see my arms? They're bigger than Arnold Shwarzenegger's." Hardly the case, but amusing none the less. Her lifting segment consists mainly of the tried and true lifts, such as piggybacks, donkey calf raises and the patented Bliss Press. While she's not the most sensational girl on the tape, she does provide us with a few minutes of entertainment, mainly from her hysterical interview. She's obviously the prelude to the final 3 girl act...

And now, here they come...Jennifer, Lauren, and Heather! These three college girls take turns being intervi final 3 girl act... And now, here they come...Jennifer, Lauren, and Heather! These three college girls take turns being interviewed, but more importantly, flexing their hard earned muscles. They are all college athletes (active tennis players) and all of them boast well toned, muscular physiques. Jennifer and Lauren share a striking resemblence to one another, but are in no way related. The only thing that all three girls have in common is the ability to toss Pete around like he's nothing more than a rag doll. Jennifer, with a smile thatr her behind the camera. She does it all, from Bliss Presses, to piggybacks, to fireman's carries, to cradle carries, to shoulder squats. Her attractive facial features, combined with her athletic 108 pound physique will leave you begging for more.

You'll get more, in the form of Lauren! Lauren's strength is equally as impressive as Jennifer's. In what amounts to a contest between the three girls, they each attempt to outdo each other with one lift after another. It's hard to choose a winner because all three girls succeed in matching each other's feats of strength. Heather, while the least attractive of the three college babes, boasts a thickly muscled set of legs, which provide her with the strength to lift Pete in almost every possible way. All three of them seem to be having a good time, and like the girls in previous segments, are surprised by just how strong they really are. This seems to be the typical reaction from both the participants and viewers alike. Just how do such lovely looking girls carry a guy that's double their weight? We shouldn't care how they do it, so long as they continue to do it!

To close out the tape, we get to see Nicole one last time, in an encore performance destined to become a classic. She lifts Pete several more times, reminding us of her power and strength (like we needed to be reminded!) and then does some physique modelling to wrap things up. You'll enjoy looking at her stunning figure, chiselled arms and legs, model good looks, and every other aspect of her highly appealing physique. This segment provides a nice conclusion to the endless array of lifts which have been demonstrated throughout the video. Builtmore's Benedicteen is a great contribution to both the lift and carry and teen muscle genres and is destined to become a classic. Pick up your copy today for an uplifting experience!

- Davemeister

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