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Video Downloads: Girl Next Door
See review below. Excerpt photos at left (click to enlarge).
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4.2 MB

Girl Next Door

Features the shamelessly shapely shanks of Shannon...Comely Kim displays her magnificent legs...muscular calves in motion...

Title: Girl Next Door
Running time: 60 minutes
Price: $ 20.00
Category: Leg Modeling

File size: 231 MB

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Girl Next Door

"Legato Archive has a leg up on the competition"
  - Legmaniacs Anonymous

"Location, location and location" is the mantra of your friendly real estate broker. Too bad we don't live next door to the likes of Shannon, Kim and Kathy. Not to worry. This tape will bring them into your neighborhood, up close and personal. Eat your heart out, Mr. Rogers.

Girl Next Door showcases the shamelessly shapely shanks of Shannon, the featured leg artiste of this video, a year-end update on the activities of our peripatetic favorite. We interview this delightful damsel shortly after her return from a swing through Europe; her enthusiasm - not to mention her golden tan - enhanced by days spent in the Mediterranean sun. Shannon's playful nature bubbles forth on a local playground with a slide, swings and jungle gym. Later she demonstrates how she traveled the continent on foot - just walking or occasionally conquering yet another stairway. Those who have viewed Shannon's earlier videos (Maxine Legroom Vol. Sixx and Maxine Legroom 8) will understand.

We devote 20 minutes of Girl Next Door to a still photo session in a lovely bayside park. Shannon is just being her alluring girl-next-door self as our video camera peeks over the shoulder of of our still photographer. The sunlight is warm and Shannon is "on" in an idyllic setting. Totally simpatico with the camera, she poses fetchingly on a rustic fence, and later atop a picnic table, where she can display her awesome tanned legs against the blue waters of the bay.

Unfortunately, this halcyon segment is marred by a problem Shannon had with her calves which, after hours of posing, flexed involuntarily at times. We tried to edit out these glitches, but a few remained. It's a frightening sight, and any viewer with sensitive retinas is advised to avert his gaze during this scene, particularly since our video man insisted on zooming in for close-ups.

Comely Kim displays her magnificent legs in profile as she demonstrates how she keeps them in tip-top shape with lotion in a series of moves that will have you working the remote "PAUSE" button. In this short-but-sweet segment, Kim confesses to one weakness - she loves chocolate truffles. So what's thong - er - wrong with that, say we? You're forgiven Kim, as long as those legs can handle such pecadillos.

A short demonstration of muscular calves in motion brings our latest leg-a-thon to a close as Kathy struts her bulging gastrocnemii in a high-heeled assult on a walkway gradient. Don't get complacent, fans. She'll be back. Those heels were made for walkin'.

- Legato Archive

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